From Jan.2005, as an engineering and technical supplier SERVO TECH MIDDLE EAST Co. Ltd. offers a wide range of industrial products in the field of:

1.        AC Servo motors & drives

 2.        Stepper motors & drives

 3.        Planetary gearbox 

 4.        Index table 

 5.        Precision flexible couplings 

 6.        Timing pulley and locking devices

 Then from 2010 we added the following items to our range of products to offer a wider range of components for motion control in the factory automation field: 

 7.        Linear guides & blocks 

 8.        Steel rod & slide bush 

 9.        Ball screw & end support 

 10.     Rod ends and universal joints 

 11.     Plastic cable chain 

 We supply both OEM and internationally recognized brands.Thanks to extensive stock, the delivery time for most items is just within 1 working day.Custom-made orders are welcome as long as our facilities can respond.You are warmly invited to invest your time, explore our website and enjoy it.No less important than the business is the relationship with our valued customers based on truths, through their comments and opinions we are continually upgrading.

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