Company Srvtk the Middle East since 1383 as an engineering company and supplier of industrial equipment seller
Mybashd.mshavrh producers and craftsmen's requirements, design and implementation of automation projects,
Servo motor and stepper motor applications, especially in the fields of engineering services by
The company.

The following products can be obtained from the Company Srvtk the Middle East:
1. AC Servo Motor & drive servo motor and drive
2. stepper motor and drive (stepper) and Stepper Motor Linear Stepper Motor & Drive - Linear Stepper Motor
3 shows a centered position, Open Loop Open Loop 1-Axis Position Controller
4. Cable chains (Energy Guide) Cable Chain
5. Solar Transmission Planetary Gearbox
6. Transmission Index Index Table
7. The timing pulley, Taper Bush, Bush lock Timing Pulley, Taper Bush, Power Lock
8. Flexible Coupling Flexible coupling without backlash
9. Ball Screw and support end-Ball Screw & End Support
10. rails and blocks (cars) Linear Guide & Block
11. hardened steel shaft and hard chrome wings with a variety of Bush Steel & Chromed Shaft and Slide Bush
12. The steel shaft with aluminum base and block Steel Shaft with Aluminum Base & Slide Bush
13. The spherical end of the shaft bearings Rod End
And other details on the products, you can see them.

Company Srvtk the Middle East, with an emphasis on engineering knowledge and work experience trying to
Support for our customers is reliable and honest. Comments and suggestions on
We do not hesitate from.

with all respect
Farid farmer (CEO)
Company Srvtk Middle East


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